TYCON (Fuzhou) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of equipment and parts for conveyor industry & other industries. Main conveyor related product lines & manufacturing capacity includes:
        1, Conveyors & parts(roller, belt, skatewheel, chain)
        2, Bearing & wheels
        3, Overhead conveyor chains, trolleys & accessories
        4, Ball transfer units & table
        5, Steel, iron, zinc & aluminum casting
        6, Plastic injection
        7, Cold heading
        8, Sheet metal stamping & punching
        9, Welding, manual & robotic
        10, CNC fabrication
        11, Laser-cutting

Since 1989, benefited from over 20 years experience in manufacturing and serving customers in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and other regions as OEM and ODM, TYCON features :
       Strong engineering experience & background in product design,
       Quick leadtime in prototyping,
       Strict QC monitoring pr…

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